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About Rich Holley


Author | Speaker | Financial Educator

Rich Holley is an author dedicated to helping children learn financial literacy at an early age. His book, Can I Have a Dollar, is a fun and interactive way to teach kids how to save and invest money, plan for the future, and develop a healthy relationship with money.


With an engaging story and colorful illustrations, The Adventures of Buck Dollar was designed to make financial literacy accessible to young children. Order your copy today and help your kids get a head start on their financial education.

Who Is Rich Holley

Rich Holley wrote one of the first childrens book series about money. There's a total of 4 books that teaches children to save some, spend some so they always have some.
Rich has a passion to fill the gap between education and financial literacy. He's on a mission to help students from Kindergarten through 5th grade build a better relationship with money.

What Drives Rich Holley

What Inspired "Can I Have a Dollar"

Right now our children will not have pensions, these days are over. Rich wrote "Can I Have a Dollar" to help prepare the next generation to have a better financial future ahead of them. 
It all starts with a young boy named Rich in the book "Can I Have a Dollar". The moral of the series is that our children will continue to ask for money; if we continue to give it to them without teaching them the importance and value of saving they will develop bad financial habits.

The Adventures of Buck Dollar

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